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Music language - the theory of music and aural skills


Scale Spellings (1-4) This is a learning session with 4 levels, taking you from the 'spelling' and construction of major and natural minor scales, through to a range of modes.
Scale Spellings A single (tough) exercise looking at the principle of scale spellings.
Chords (1) Aurally identify some major and minor chords
Chords (2) Construct the notes of some triads and 7th chords.
Transposition (1) An exercise to practise transposing chord sequences as chord symbols.
Chord function A learning session to practice transcribing chord sequences .
Chord qualities An interactive guide to the sound and harmonic quality of chords

Reading Rhythms 1

Reading Rhythms 2

Drum Notation

3 pages devoted to reading rhythms, including the basics of drum notation